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Bostitch CAP1512-OF Review

​When working around the home or at various job sites, the air compressor will need to be portable. This will provide a way to power pneumatic tools like nailers, staplers, and other items. To get a better understanding of this Bostitch product, here is an in depth look at its features.



​Max Tank Pressure

​This unit has a compact design, but it is still packed with power. It provides max tank pressure of 150 PSI. This is comparable to bigger and more expensive models but at a smaller and more affordable price. This pressure will help complete a small project in a short amount of time.

​Air Delivery

​Air delivery is an important aspect of an air compressor. In most cases, a person will expect this piece of equipment to run pneumatic tools. Each tool will require a certain CFM to run. This machine delivers 2.8 CFM @ 120 PSI. This will be a good amount or air to complete smaller projects.


​An air compressor will have both running and peak horsepower to consider. Items will require more horsepower upon initial use. Peak horsepower on this Bostitch CAP 1512 is 2.0. Running horsepower will be 1.5. It will draw 12 amps for fast startup without tripping the circuit breakers.

​Tank Size

​This unit will come with a 1.2 gallon air tank. This keeps the machine small and easy to store. Even though the number may seem small, it will provide enough air to compete trimwork around the house or fill up vehicle tires with ease. There will be a steady supply of air without the need to stop and recover at small intervals.


​This Bostitch CAP1512 contains a high output oil free pump. An oil free pump tends to be more affordable and light. Since no oil can enter the lines, it will be a great feature for a paint spraying application. Little maintenance is required.

​Power Source

​This air compressor is a corded electric unit. It will need to be plugged into an outlet to work. Instead of purchasing costly fuels that may leak or emit caustic fumes, it is much simper to find a source of electricity and get to work. This unit can be used right out of the box and may be used in confined locations.

​Sound Level

​It may be advantageous to invest in a quiet air compressor. This unit registers at 89 decibels while in use. This is average sound for a model of this type. For average comparison, most lawnmowers function at a 90 decibel level.


It is necessary to list the product's measurements in a Bostitch CAP1512-OF review. This will convey the size and weight of the machine. It will help a person understand how simple it will be to store and transport.

​Length: 18 inches

Width: 13 inches

Height: 15 inches


This air compressor is extremely lightweight. It weighs approximately 26 pounds. This makes it easy to move around the house or take to a job site. Since the unit is shaped like a conventional tool box, it will be simple to carry by the straight handle.


​Additional Features

​There are many features to list in this Bostitch review. To protect the machine, it is totally enclosed in a roll cage that has a toolbox shape. This includes a handle that makes it easy to pick up and carry. There is a metal panel that includes all dials and gauges. This provides easy access and makes things easy to monitor. There is even a backlit on/off switch for added convenience. A built in pocket exists in the back of the unit, which holds smaller tools and accessories. To keep the hose and tools organized and neat, there is a cord wrap and Velcro strap for easy coiling ability.


​Unfortunately, this Bostitch compressor does not include any accessories. Some people may consider a wheel kit, but it is not necessary for this lightweight unit. However, a person may try to purchase spare hoses and couplers. This will keep a person prepared if something breaks or becomes damaged.


​There are many positive attributes associated with this Bostitch air compressor. To begin, the grease free pump is a nice asset. It will require little maintenance. Also, the unit is easy to operate. Even though the air compressor weighs very little, it will be durable because of the roll cage design. Unlike gas compressors that must be placed on even surfaces, this unit will work on sloped planes. This comes in handy for a roofer who will need to use this type of machine on an angle.


​Even though there are various good points with this air compressor, there are some complaints as well. Some users feel that the sound level is a bit high. However, most units of the same size run at the same decibel level.

​Consumer Ratings

​The best way to judge a product is to examine customer ratings. This air compressor received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, based on 105 customer reviews. This proves that it provides great performance and delivers enough power to complete window trimming, inflation of tires, and other small projects.


​This compressor is ideal for small projects. Anyone who is new to the world of pneumatic tools will feel at ease with the control of this machine. The product is compact and affordable. Filling tires, basketballs, or installing crown molding around a room will be a snap with this unit. This machine can be moved and stored easily. Therefore, this Bostitch CAP1512-OF review explains that it is a worthwhile investment and will be a reliable piece of equipment around the house or job site.