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Bostitch U/BTFP02011 Review

This Bostitch U/BTFP02011 review will explain the useful features of this air compressor. When a consumer is looking for an easier way to inflate tires or finish small projects around the house, an air compressor will come in handy. Air tools provide much more power than manual tools, so a job will take half the time and effort. Most people who will perform minor interior upgrades like the installation of crown moldings or other trim will benefit from this piece of equipment.


​There are many choices available on the market when it comes to an air compressor. This Bostitch unit is a pancake design, which means it will be small and lightweight. This is convenient when moving the machine from place to place. Before deciding on a unit, it is important to shop around and compare various products. Here is a look at the benefits that come from owning this Bostitch air compressor.


Max Tank Pressure

​This portable pancake compressor will exert 150 PSI as its maximum tank pressure. This is a respectable amount of pressure that will keep working without running out of air. The pressure will last a long time before it needs to rebuild.

​Air Delivery

​Most people are interested in the air delivery of an air compressor. When using air tools, it will be important to note the CFM requirements. This machine will run 2.6 CFM @ 90 PSI. This is a nice level that will run nailers and other small air tools with ease.


​Every air compressor will produce a different amount of power. This unit provides 0.8 horsepower. Despite the small number, it is extremely efficient and will run numerous tools without effort.

​Tank Size

​The tank capacity of this Bostitch air compressor is six gallons. This is a good size and will keep a great deal of air in supply when it is needed. It is large enough so the pump will not need to run on a continual basis. This will prevent extra wear and tear on the motor and pump.


​To provide simple use and no down time during a project, this air compressor contains an oil free pump. This means the unit will require virtually no maintenance. No down time means that all tasks will be finished quickly. For a professional contractor, this means more work will get done and a higher paycheck will be possible.

​Power Source

​This air compressor is an electric model, which brings numerous advantages. For example, gasoline is not friendly for the environment and gives off fumes into the air. Gasoline can be very expensive as well. As electric unit can be used immediately and anywhere there is an outlet.

​Sound Level

​Most people are interested in quiet tools. No one wants to disturb the neighbors while running an air compressor. This Bostitch machine has a quiet pump that will run at an 80 decibel sound level. This is lower than similar units, so the working environment will be more peaceful. It is just slightly higher than the noise of a household vacuum.


Every Bostitch U/BTFP02011 review should list the product's dimensions. This will give prospective buyers an idea of the unit's size and weight.

​Length: 16 inches

Width: 16 inches

Height: 19 1/2 inches


This Bostitch air compressor is very compact. It will take up little floor space and can be tucked out of the way when it is not being used. It is extremely portable as well. It weighs 33 pounds, so it is simple to lift from the truck for a job or can be easily moved around the house.​


Additional Features

​There are numerous features to list in this Bostitch review. Its oil free pump is extremely efficient and will not need timely maintenance. It will provide good power for a unit of its size. A user will be able to enjoy a long tool run time and fast recovery. The two interval couplers will easily support two users. For added protection, the controls are inset. Finally, there is a convenient draw valve, which allows for thorough emptying.


​At time of purchase, no accessories are included with this air compressor. However, a consumer may wish to purchase extension cords, hoses, or extra fittings. For household projects, it may be necessary to buy air tools to accommodate needs as well.


​This unit is perfect for trim and various finishings inside of a home. For instance, it will help through the installation process of cabinets, moldings, and door casings. The quiet operation and portability makes it a smart choice. The compressor will maintain tank and output pressure at a set rate, so tools will run without a hitch. This machine is very convenient for any project that pops up and will last up to 450 life hours.


​Most people have nothing but positive things to stay about this Bostitch air compressor. Some customers wish the unit provided more power. However, it is important to remember that the unit is made to be light and portable, so it works best for smaller projects. It will be necessary to buy a larger, bulkier, and more expensive unit for added power.

​Consumer Ratings

​Bostitch is known for its award winning quality products. The company has the reputation as a preferred brand among professionals. This air compressor is factory reconditioned, which means it meets current manufacturer's standards. It has received 3 out of 5 stars, based on 2 customer reviews. The factory new unit has received even more positive feedback.


​The attractive design and pricing of this product are very reasonable. Since the unit is reconditioned, it will come with an even lower price tag. It is a great value for anyone who needs to finish small tasks around the home. The long life and oil free pump will be a wonderful asset. A Bostitch U/BTFP02011 review will conclude with a recommendation to any consumer who wants a quality portable air compressor but does not want to spend a fortune.