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Porter Cable PCFP02003 Review

Porter Cable PCFP02003 Review

A Porter Cable PCFP02003 review will discuss the benefits of owning this air compressor. This model is a pancake compressor that is free from oil. This means that it will require little maintenance and take up little space. It will be extremely simple to move from place to place. Despite the small size, it will still provide enough power to inflate tires and run smaller air tools like nailers and staplers.

It is important to understand individual needs before choosing an air compressor. When a person will use a machine for basic and small jobs, a compact unit will be sufficient. When a person will need an air compressor to complete bigger jobs, a larger machine will be necessary. It will be essential to compare various features and functions that come with different products. Here is a closer look at this Porter Cable PCFP02003 air compressor.


Max Tank Pressure

One of the key aspects of an air compressor is its tank pressure. This unit provides a maximum pressure of 135 PSI. This is high for a unit of this size. The competition usually provides at least 10 to 15 PSI less. There is a useful pressure gauge on the unit, which allows a person to monitor pressure and keep things safe during use.

Air Delivery

An air compressor's air delivery system will effect its performance. It will be important to comprehend the CFM measurements. Every tool that is used on a compressor will require a set amount of SCFM to work. This piece of machinery offers 2.0 SCFM at 90 PSI and 3.0 SCFM at 40 PSI.


This Porter Cable air compressor provides 0.8 horsepower. This explains how strong the motor will be. For the small size of the unit, the power will be able to get small jobs done with ease.

Tank Size

This pancake air compressor has a 3.5 gallon tank size. The larger the tank, the longer a unit will run without the need to rebuild pressure. This unit contains a tank that will keep it running longer and provide faster recovery as well.


It is important to discuss the pump of an air compressor. This unit has a durable oil free piston pump. This means that there will not be a need for much maintenance. There will be no need to refill oil or worry that oil as leaked into a project. In cold weather, a person will have no trouble starting the machine.

Power Source

Air compressors are powered by electricity or gas. This unit is electric and comes with a six foot cord. Electric air compressors offer multiple advantages. For example, the unit can be used anywhere there is an outlet. Also, no noxious fumes are given off. This means that the machine can be used inside a closed space. This is why the unit will be ideal for a person's garage or home workshop.

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Sound Level

No one enjoys using a loud piece of machinery. This is why it is important to learn the noise level of an air compressor. This unit will will run at a sound of 82 decibels. Although this is not the quietest unit on the market, it is still considered quiet for its class.

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 18 inches

Width: 17 inches

Height: 18 1/2 inches

Weight: This air compressor is extremely lightweight and portable. It weighs approximately 26 pounds. It can be easily carried anywhere that it is needed.

Additional Features

There are numerous features to list in this Porter Cable PCFP02003 review. It is a compact unit that takes up little space and stores easily. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the machine, so it will maintain stability throughout use. This Porter Cable unit is compatible with various air tools. This means that it is perfect for a home improvement project. The 120 volt motor will provide strength and durability as well.


This air compressor does not come with any accessories. It is a basic unit. However, it is possible to purchase hoses, air tools, and other related items separately. This unit is compatible with multiple brands of tools.

Porter Cable PCFP02003 Review


There are many positives that come with this machine. This Porter Cable air compressor includes a factory installed quick coupler. This allows for fast access to regulated air. It will be ideal for small framing or roofing jobs. It will also help to inflate items and work smaller air tools. The unit is extremely portable, so storage and transportation will be a snap. Thanks to the one year warranty, a customer can make the purchase with peace of mind.


Despite the numerous positive aspects of this air compressor, there are a few cons to mention. The biggest complaint is that it cannot tackle big jobs or power large air tools. However, a person must keep in mind that this is a smaller unit, and it is not meant for use on major tasks. Some people had a problem with the regulator, but this is when the warranty comes in handy. Finally, some people dislike the noise level when the machine is in use. However, it is no louder than similar brands on the market.

Consumer Ratings

This Porter Cable air compressor has received 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, based on 22 customer reviews. This displays how functional the unit will be. Most people feel comfortable using this machine as an entry level unit and find that it lives up to all expectations.


This unit will be ideal for an entry level air compressor. It is a basic machine that is simple to use and is very affordable. The low price point will attract a buyer entering the world of air compressors. Very few units on the market offer the same features for less money. This Porter Cable PCFP02003 review will end with a recommendation for anyone looking for a portable unit that is built to last. Maintenance will not be an issue and the warranty will guarantee satisfaction.