Best Air Compressor under $200

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Best Air Compressor under $200Working on a limited budget? Is it possible to find the best air compressor under $200? It come in all types, sizes and applications. If you are looking for inexpensive ones, you can certainly find several of them depending on your requirements. You just have to know what you are actually looking for. You can’t find something you don’t really know about, so before undertaking such task, do your homework.You don’t want to pay for something you can’t take advantage of, do you? Expensive or not, your hard-earned dollars are at stake here, hence read on to learn a lesson or two on finding the best air compressor under $200. You can also learn other helpful information on air compressors like getting a good one and the best compressors you can consider.

General Use of Air Compressors

Air compressors are functional devices that can power pneumatic tools such as paint sprays, impact wrenches, nailers and staplers using compressed air. If you are a DIY guy, handyman, technician or contractor, this tool should definitely be included in your tool box kit.

If you are a contractor, you have probably proven an air compressor’s utility for your roofing, finishing and framing works as well as automotive bodyworks and repairs.If you are an ever dependable DIY guy, perhaps you have used it already for a wide variety of home improvement projects and other lighter applications such as inflating balloons, balls and tires. For such kind of applications, you can use the best air compressor under $200 you can find on the market.

Air Compressor Categories

Different air compressors are designed for particular applications. They are classified in two categories, namely: consumer use and professional use.

Professional Use

You can choose a professional-grade air compressor if you need to power multiple tools or use it on a regular basis. It has a higher CFM ratings as well as Horse Power and usually come in large single or twin tanks, thus more expensive than consumer-grade.

The thing is – it’s more powerful and longer lasting. It comes in a portable type (for DIYers and contractors) and stationary type (for professionals and serious hobbyists).

Consumer Use

If you are looking for something ideal for lighter applications, you can opt for consumer-grade one. Typically, you can get it in the $200 range and you can use it for minor tasks such as filling air on toys, sports equipment, rafts and tires, among others. That said, its utility is not limited to such applications as it is also suitable for pneumatic tool use (although not on a regular basis).

 Campbell Hausfeld FP209499Get More Info VIAIR 85P Portable Air CompressorGet More Info

Finding Inexpensive Air Compressors

If you want to have the best compressor under $200, what do you need to do? Search online for different types and brands of air compressors and make comparison shopping. It’s pretty challenging and overwhelming but if you want value for your money spend some time and effort looking for the best tool suitable for your preference and requirements.

Do not only look into their prices but also consider the following:

  • Your requirements. Are you going to use it for lighter applications and occasional pneumatic tool use? Or are you going to use it for commercial purposes? For occasional home upgrade projects, you can go for a pancake and oil-less type. This is an inexpensive option.
  • Check for CFM ratings, PSI and HP. These numbers can determine the level of their usage. If you are going to use it for pneumatic tool use once in a while, an air pressure (PSI) of 100 and air volume (SCFM) of 2.2 would be ideal.
  • Portability. If you are going to use it for different home projects, you might want to opt for something you can move from place to place easily.
  • Power Source. For small projects, an electric-powered type may be great. You can use it indoors as it doesn’t produce toxic fumes.
  • Read Customer Feedbacks. You can get the best compressor under $200 by reading feedbacks and testimonials from customers who may have used inexpensive air compressors. You can take down the pros and cons of each brand/model and it’s up to you to decide what works to your benefit.

Top 2 of the Affordable Air Compressors

Now, we’re down to identifying two affordable but functional compressors available on the market today.

 Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 3-Gallon Portable Compressor by Campbell HausfeldGet More Info
Hausfeld FP209499 3-Gallon Air Compressor

You can get this under $100 but can it deliver? This particular model is great for various pneumatic tool uses like air brushing, brad nailing and stapling. This is also ideal for lighter tasks such as inflating tires, balls, sports equipment, etc. It comes with a control panel and user-friendly design, meaning it’s easy to use whether you are a handyman or a newbie DIY guy.

Its 3-gallon tank reduces pounding caused by piston action and also offers greater air power storage. The price also includes an accessory kit so you can start your projects immediately – 25-ft recoil hose, 2 inflation needles, blow gun, 2 male plugs, female coupler, PTFE tape, inflation adapter, tapered inflation nozzle and air chuck.

 VIAIR 85P Portable Air CompressorGet More Info
VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

This is another great option and its price falls below the $200 range. It’s portable and small but it can deliver. It can inflate up to 31” tires using your vehicle’s cigarette lighter power dock. You can plug it directly on the port, start your engine, connect the solid brass screw-on tire chuck into the tire valve stem, turn the unit on and you are good to go.

This VIAIR air compressor model comes with a built-in LED work light and easily monitor tire pressure gauge integrated at the tool’s top rear. You can expect a maximum of 60 PSI working pressure.

The choices are in a wide range. Do you have to break the bank? No, if you know what you want and where to use it, you can have the best air compressor under $200 and benefit from its utility for a long time.

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