Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 Reviews

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Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 ReviewsCampbell Hausfeld FP209499 reviews must explain the positive benefits that a person will receive from this type of air compressor. Air compressors supply the necessary pressure needed to run pneumatic tools or to fill up items with air. Air tools and air compressors can help a person save time on a project. Most air tools have more power than traditional tools and are lighter in weight. This keeps the hands from becoming tired and sore. Not every machine will be able to complete the same tasks. Before making a final product purchase, it is important to compare certain features offered by each product. This will help a person get the air compressor that will be best for individual needs. It is essential to compare pressure, performance, and other features. Here is a closer look at the Campbell Hausfeld FP209499.



Max Tank Pressure

Most Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 reviews will begin with a discussion about maximum tank pressure. This model will provide 110 psi. Air pressure determines the number of items that can be run at the same time. This Campbell Hausfeld machine supplies average pressure. It will be able to complete small tasks with ease, but is far from a commercial grade air compressor.

Air Delivery

This air compressor is meant for light use. It is not expected to provide high air flow. Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 is an inexpensive model that is lightweight and portable. It provides 0.5 SCFM @40 psi and .395SCFM @90 psi.

When comparing different air compressors, it is important to add up the SCFMs that will be used simultaneously. Each tool will require a certain amount of pressure. If a large number of tools will need to be used together, it will be necessary to find a heavy duty machine.




Horsepower is a measure of the power that is provided by the unit’s motor. The manufacturer does not specify the horsepower of this unit.

Tank Size

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 reviews must discuss air compressor tank size. This unit is very small and portable. It holds three gallons of air. There is an included tank pressure gauge for added convenience.


Like similar small and affordable air compressors, this unit has a single stage, oil free pump. This means that maintenance is extremely simple. Single stage air compressors draw in air and compress it to its final pressure in one piston stroke. This is the most common pump that is usually found on portable and lightweight units.

Power Source

An important part of Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 reviews is the explanation of the power source. This air compressor runs on electricity. This makes it simple to use anywhere that outlets are present. Since no gas is used, the unit can function both indoors and outside. No dangerous fumes are ever released, so it will be safe for the environment and personal health.


Sound Level

Unfortunately, this Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is a bit louder than other small models. It is not extremely shocking to the ears, but it is important to note that it may be necessary to use earplugs while using the unit.

Dimensions And Weight

Length: 19 inches
width: 8 inches
Height: 15.6 inches


This unit is extremely lightweight. It is under 20 pounds and can be used anywhere. It is very simple to store when not in use and can easily be moved all around the home.

Additional Features

It is important to include the offered features of this Campbell Hausfeld. To begin, it has a simple control panel that is easy to navigate. This means that it will be very user friendly. It also offers nice storage capacity with its three gallon tank. The motor has been made to run cool. It is also designed to eliminate any possible pulses that come from the piston action. The best part is that this unit comes with a useful accessory kit.


This unit comes with an accessory kit that includes a 25 foot recoil hose, blowgun, two needles for inflation, two male plugs, female coupler, air chuck, adapter for inflation, tapered inflation nozzle, and teflon tape. Having an included kit will save a person time and money from buying extra pieces that are sold separately.


Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 reviews must list all of the positive benefits that this air compressor brings to customers. The features of this unit allow a user to inflate, fasten, or nail simple projects around the house. The included kit means that time and money will be saved. Instead of buying individual tools, a person only needs one product that will meet all needs. This unit is extremely lightweight. It does not take up much space, so it is especially good for hobbies. The oil free pump means that little maintenance is necessary. The steel tank will be quite durable as well.

Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 Reviews


Even though many users are satisfied with this product, there are a few complaints to mention. The tank capacity of this air compressor may not be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs. When a person has heavy duty needs, it may be wise to choose a different machine. Other customers dislike the slow tank fill and loud operation noise. It may be necessary to have hearing protection available during use.

Consumer Ratings

This Campbell Hausfeld FP209499 air compressor has received 3 1/2 stars out of 5 based on 74 customer reviews. Most of the people who were not totally satisfied expected an air compressor that was capable of more heavy duty activity. As previously stated, this unit is meant for light projects only.


This Campbell Hausfeld air compressor is extremely portable and inexpensive. It is smaller than many units on the market. For this reason, it will be best for a hobbyist or homeowner who needs something to complete small jobs like blowing up pool toys or nailing small objects. On the downside, it does not effectively supply the necessary pressure and size to run larger pneumatic tools. For small tasks, it is sure to provide reliable service for many years.

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